Dave OBrien

Why Doesn't Tyler Farr fly to his family Christmas? He has good reasoning behind his response!
Here is the payoff!!! Rhonda is our Grand Prize Winner for a Trip for 2 to the Bahamas at Atlantis Paradise Island!!! Congratulations to Rhonda!!
Dave O'Brien asked Kip Moore what he wants for Christmas. I will bet you don't know what his response it? Here the full interview at : http://www.hankfm.com/blogs/dave-obrien/artist-interviews/kip-moore-inte...
According to a new survey, this is the number one thing Americans say is their favorite thing about getting ready for the holidays. (Christmas music)
According to a new survey, Christmas shoppers who go to a store rather than shop online say this is the number one reason why. (So they can have the gift right away)
What does Garth Brooks want for Christmas? His answer may surprise you! You can hear the full interview here: http://www.hankfm.com/blogs/dave-obrien/artist-interviews/garth-brooks-i...