Dave OBrien

According to a new study, the more you enjoy your job, the less you will enjoy this every week and the more you hate your job the more you will love it. (The weekend)
According to a new survey of consumer complaints, the number one thing American consumers complained about last year was going through the process of buying one of these. (A Car)
According to a new study, the more of these you have in your 20's and the better quality of them you have in your 30's, the better adjusted you will be later in life. (Friendships)
What does the night before the "Kiss You in the Morning" consist of? Also if you can help Casey out with Waffle House locations or reasons he should eat at Waffle House the conversation continues at www.facebook.com/morningswithdaveobrien on Facebook or on Twitter at @...
According to a new study, having ten or more of these on the street where you live can make you feel seven years younger. (Trees)