Dave OBrien

Former Secret Agent Clint Hill just wrote a new book, Five Presidents, talked to us about his time on presidential detail with five presidents highlighted by his time with John F. Kennedy. He was the agent that climbed on the back of the presidential motorcade after Kennedy was...
According to a new survey of Moms, this is the number one thing they say they miss from their days before having children. (An uninterrupted night of sleep)
Today is Primary Election Day in Indiana and we are one of 21 states where 17 year olds can vote in the primaries provided this happens by Election Day in November. (Provided they turn 18 by Election Day)
Justin Moore talked about being on tour with Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford!
According to a new study, even though you might like to do it, 80% of dogs do not like it when you do this. (Hug them)