Dave OBrien

According to the Butterball Turkey experts, this is the number one question they get every Thanksgiving day on their Turkey Hotline. ("My turkey is still frozen, what do I do?")
Dustin Lynch will be in Indianapolis the night after Thanksgiving so come out and 'twerk the turkey off' with Dustin Lynch!
According to a new survey, the average cost of this is $4.65 per person this year, the lowest it has been in two years. (Thanksgiving dinner)
Frankie Ballard will be at 8 Seconds Saloon the night before Thanksgiving!
According to a new survey, 25% of Americans plan to do more of this this year because of falling gas prices. (Christmas shopping)
Cole Swindell just set a record becoming the first Male Country Vocalist to have his first four songs top the charts! To listen to the full interview between Dave and Cole follow this link: http://www.hankfm.com/blogs/dave-obrien/artist-interviews/first-male-cou...