Dave OBrien

According to a new study out just this week, the more time you spend here every day, the more likely you are to be jealous and depressed. (Facebook)
According to a new study, scientists say if you have these in your bedroom and look at them first thing in the morning you will be happier and have more energy throughout your day. (Flowers)
Lily, a seven year old Daisy Scout, came into the studio today to talk about how many girl scout cookies she has sold and wanted to see if Dave would help her out. Dave didn't disappoint, he bought her last 10 boxes that she needed to sell to give her a grand total of 1,000...
According to a recent survey, 16% of drivers on the road right now are doing this. (Eating breakfast)
Indianapolis broke the record for this yesterday. (Most snowfall on March 1 - officially, 5.8 inches beating the old record of 5.5 set back in 1963)